Teacher Resources

The following web sites have very interesting application both in and outside class for students of language.

Flashcard sites: These are all great for vocabulary building. Take a list of suggested vocabulary for your units, and let students practice and internalize.

Flashcardexchange – Many users, also easy to use, easy to browse sets

Ediscio – Flashcards that track performance and can use images.

Quizlet – Flashcards that also track performance and the site is easy to use.

Voicethread – Students comment on an image or video. Students can record voice, type, or even take video. Wonderful for after school class participation, and allows users to easily record and re-record if they don't like their first attempt.

Fowlwords – Vocabulary activation tool. Great for competitions and class warmup if lab or projector available. Also, students can play at home on their PC. Free game download, or play on the internet.

Glogster – Student expression tool. Tie in vocabulary and themes with graphics.

Mystudiyo – Quiz maker with great graphics and graphic options (video or image upload)

Piclits – Great for vocabulary practice and student expression.

Animoto – Professional style video presentations. Easy to upload pictures, choose a music track, and finish. Nice for showcasing events or themes in a video.

Facebook – Social networking with many options for student participation. Easy to start groups and get students involved. Set up a page/group for your class and let the discussions begin!

Wikispaces – Easy to set up wiki that anyone can edit and build. Group manages.

Wordle – Generate wordmaps for creative writing exercises. Preview reading - students anticipate content before reading. Summarize chapter vocabulary.

Wordpress – Blog site with great “off the shelf” layouts and support. Allows for multi-user submissions and control.

Purdue :The Purdue Online Writing Lab - the OWL - is one of the premier sites for US college teachers and students to use as a writing reference site.  Far more than a grammar site, it contains extensive information about the writing process in general.  In particular, on the home page, in "Suggested Resources" see  "ESL" and "Non-Purdue Instructors and Students."

Writing and grammar :A straightforward, uncluttered writing and grammar site, complete with clear explanations, examples, and exercises to practice.It may be that these links would be good in more than one place on the website, but teachers can always refer students to the URLs if they think the sites are useful.

Worksheet – All the teachers should have an account with their user names and passwords in order to have the access to the Web application. (If there is any problem contact Aadil)

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