Who Are We Looking For?

The ALC Marrakesh employs full-time native speakers of English from abroad as well as full-time and part-time Moroccan teachers.

  • Minimum University Qualifications: Native speakers must have a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate (CELTA preferred). Teachers with a master’s in TESOL are preferred.
  • Age: The ALC is the first to recognize the value and talent of older teachers, but the Moroccan Ministry of Labor will not issue a work permit to non-Moroccans aged 60 or older, which means we cannot offer positions to teachers 59 and older.
  • Nationality:A teacher must hold a passport from a country whose native language is English. Most of our visiting teachers come from the U.S., the U.K., Canada, or Australia.
  • Teaching experience: Teachers should have a minimum of two years, full-time classroom experience, preferably in the EFL classroom.
  • Experience living abroad and the ability to adapt to Moroccan culture:Morocco has many wonderful aspects, but it can be a challenging place to live as well. We want visiting teachers to be content in their new surroundings so that they can give their best in class.